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"[The best part is] Meeting other agents, drivers, and the Wheaton corporate employees. I asked advice, and everyone was great at passing along what works at their agency and what doesn't work.

"The conference was fun and relaxing and the perfect environment to talk to the others in attendance. As a new agent I felt very welcome and comfortable meeting people."

Susie Kraft

Merchants Moving & Storage

Hamilton, Mont.


"The most valuable part of the Gala is connecting with all the Wheaton representatives and the information received from the meetings.

"Several Wheaton individuals assist our agency with the growth information and help upon request, and the in-person meeting is a great time to shake their hands and give them special recognition."

Randy Turner

Turner Moving & Storage

Napa, Calif.

randy turner.jpg

“Golden Services is new to the Wheaton | Bekins family of agents. Through attending these kinds of events, we can meet other agents and start developing a relationship with them.

“This business is about relationships, and we want to develop relationships with the other agents. We would like for our business to grow in this market. Having relationships with other agents in the network will help our business and the network grow.”

Kimberly Drangstveit

Golden Services, LLC

Lakewood, Oak Harbor & Fife, Wash.


"My grandpa always told me that if something is hard, to do it as a job because someone will pay you for it. Moving and storage? Man, that's hard!

"I'd add that if your job is hard, you need to gather with other people who know how hard you work and celebrate that you get it done and, more so, that you get it done well. Make no mistake, being successful in an industry as hard as this one is a massive deal."

Matt Paxton

Legacy List with Matt Paxton

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