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Rosen Centre Hotel • 9840 International Drive • Orlando, Florida

"[The best part is] Meeting other agents, drivers, and the Wheaton corporate employees. I asked advice, and everyone was great at passing along what works at their agency and what doesn't work.

"The conference was fun and relaxing and the perfect environment to talk to the others in attendance. As a new agent I felt very welcome and comfortable meeting people."

Susie Kraft

Merchants Moving & Storage

Hamilton, Mont.


"I was impressed with the entire event. It was well organized and well put-together from start to finish - probably the best of these types of conferences I have been to."

Dan Dragin

All American Moving & Storage

Columbus, Ohio


"It was great to talk with other agents and share ideas. I have been to numerous Wheaton conferences, and this is always the best part of them."

Dave Belford

Wheaton Moving & Storage

Indianapolis, Ind.

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