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Wednesday: Little Havana Culinary Tour

Wednesday, Oct. 23 - 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm


This year, we're going off-site to indulge in local flavors. A fun alternative activity on the first day of the Conference for those of you who aren't participating in the Earnest S. Wheaton Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament - a guided, walking tour of Little Havana!


This group event is LIMITED  TO THE FIRST 50 SIGNUPS due to shuttle limits. If you sign up and do not give 7 days' notice to cancel, you will be charged for the event ($70 per person). Otherwise, the event is free to attend.

The guided tour includes generous tastings at five different restaurants that equal to a full meal, refreshing juice at the open air market, one mojito cocktail at Ball and Chain, and a half-mile walking tour of the Little Havana area.


You'll experience a unique and vibrant facet of American culture that can only be found in Miami; taste authentic Cuban cuisine while learning about Little Havana's culture and traditions; learn about the spiritual beliefs and community practices of Little Havana, including Santeria; visit a cigar factory, explore Domino Park, see The CubaOcho Art Museum; and enjoy iconic pastries, savory snacks, expertly-crafted beverages, desserts and more.


The tour lasts 2.5 to 3 hours and IS CAPPED AT 50 ATTENDEES. We will keep a waitlist once we surpass 50 signups. You must be in the lobby at 12:30 to board the shuttle. The shuttle will return to the Eden Roc around 4:30 pm.

Sign up on the conference registration form today!
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