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Session Speakers - Ian Benney & Caleb Mixon

Ian Benney.jpeg

IAN BENNEY, Technical Special Agent (TSA), is currently assigned to the U.S. Secret Service’s Las Vegas Field Office. In this role, he actively engages in cyber investigations and digital forensics, along with handling protection assignments.


TSA Benney has played a crucial role in various protection assignments especially overseeing Critical Systems cyber security measures for the President, Vice President, and foreign dignitaries. 


TSA Benney graduated from Kansas State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He earned a Master's in Business Administration from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, in 2003 and obtained a Cyber Security Certificate from the University of Louisville in 2023.


After serving as a State Trooper with the Kansas Highway Patrol, he transitioned to the U.S. Secret Service. Throughout his career with the Secret Service, he has held diverse roles, including assignments at the Kansas City Field Office, Criminal Investigative Division, Dignitary Protective Division, Vice Presidential Protective Division, Washington Field Office, Louisville Field Office, and currently, the Las Vegas Field Office. Additionally, he worked internationally as an Assistant Attaché with the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.


CALEB MIXON, Vice President of Network Development for HomeSafe Alliance,  initiated his career in the transportation industry in 2008 within the claims department, steadily advancing to the position of Lead Adjuster. Caleb's journey then saw him excel in business development, ultimately earning the role of Director of Network Development, leading a highly successful team. Over the years, he has visited numerous warehouses and interacted with countless industry professionals.

He recognizes the potential in controlling the entire demand signal from USTRANSCOM and anticipates the significant efficiency improvements it will bring. Caleb eagerly anticipates initiating the first steps under the GHC, demonstrating these efficiencies, and delivering the highest level of customer service. 

One aspect of Caleb's work that he would like to emphasize is how rewarding a successful partnership with a service provider can be. He understands that collaborating with organizations that possess a deep understanding of business processes through extensive discussions, hard work, and due diligence is instrumental in delivering the exceptional service we strive for. To Caleb, the mission of HomeSafe Alliance holds profound meaning. He takes great pride in supporting our troops in any way he can and believes that it is a great honor serving them as customers, especially during challenging events such as relocations. 
On a personal note, Caleb shares that he is a father of two daughters. One is graduating high school this year and will soon be heading off to college, while the other is just 15 months old! Additionally, he reveals that football is his favorite sport and is a big supporter of both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida Gators. Growing up, his fondest family memories revolved around football, and he's more than just a fan; he has experience as a coach, and both of his younger brothers have gone on to play at the collegiate level!

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